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Creation Myths

Click on the links for the appropriate myth:

A collection of Creation myths from all over. Look carefully and you might find something that relates to your project.

An exhaustive site, Canada's First Peoples has general information on the religions of various groups. 

Tlingit Creation Story

Tlingit Myths

Haida Myths

Salish Creation Story

Salish Flood Story 

Kwakiutl Creation Story

Haisla Stories

Nootka Flood Myth

Okanagan Myths


World Religions Project

Model Work:

This presentation gives excellent advice for PowerPoint.

This Prezi was created by grade 12s this year.


For all topics, these sites are useful and generally objective:


Religious Tolerance

BBC's Religions webpage

Religion Facts

For specific topics, these sites are useful. Please note that they are written by people who espouse the specific religion they describe.

Renaissance Project

For this project, make sure you use our Renaissance Biographies, as well as Britannica.

Middle Ages Market Project

The following sites have good general information on the Middle Ages. Please note, however, that they do not give extensive bibliographic information, so check everthing you read against the print sources in the Library.

Medieval Europe -- a site from Michigan State University with extensive links on a variety of aspects of Medieval life.

Medieval Spell -- a comprehensive private site.

Feudal Life -- a general reference site funded by the Annenberg Foundation, an American educational foundation.

Medieval Life and Times -- a comprehensive private site

Medieval Life -- part of the History on the Net Group, a meta-site developed by a UK history teacher.