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Assignment 4.1. The State of Marriage

How a new generation of Canadians thinks of marriage.

 Some stats from the federal government. 

A defence of tradional marriage: Why Marriage is Good for You 

Assignment 4.2. Cohabitation

Assignment 4.3: Contraception

Read the following article (note: it is long, but not difficult) for an understanding of some key Church teachings on sexual morality. Our seminar will discuss why these teachings are often at odds with contemporary culture and explore the question of who should change: the Church or the culture?

 Contraception: Why Not?

Assignment 4.4: Polygamy

Browse these articles on polygamy in Canada and watch the film Raise the Red Lantern in class in preparation for our seminar.

The Secret World of Polygamy

Assignment 4.5: The Future of  Sexual Morality

What principles guide us as we face a future of social and technological change?

Read over the RCAV's Sexuality Education Guidelines.

Read about the German Bishop who thinks Church teaching must change. A Belgian Bishop agrees.

This bishop disagrees and says that Church teaching should not change