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CE 12 Unit 2 Assignments

In this unit we will examine the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as told in the Gospel According to John.

One resource that you may consult is this Commentary. It will help you identify important passages from the Gospel for reference in our seminars. 

Assignment 1:

Let's start our discussion with a slideshow

 Read the Gospel According John chapters 1-6. Mark up you text, noting any passages in which Jesus stresses the importance of people over laws.

A completed text will enable you to score full seminar marks.

Seminar dates:  January 15/16


Assignment 2:

Read the Gospel According to John chapters 7-12 in the same manner as Assignment 1.

Seminar dates: January 28/29


Assignment 3:

You will watch The Terminal and write a movie review comparing it to the Gospel According to John.

Due date: February 4/5


BRIEF INTERMISSION: if you use social media, read this article and think about what you are revealing:


Assignment 4: 

You will read The Gospel According to John chapters 13-17. Instead of a seminar, we will participate in a Lectio Divina. Marks will be for completion only.


Assignment 5:

You will read The Gospel According to John chapters 18-21 and will watch The Passion of the Christ. Our seminar will compare the Gospel passion narrative with the film.

Seminar dates: February 23-24

Mystery of Mary Magdalene 

 Passion Presentation

Assignment 6:

You will present a 15x15 pechakucha on the topic of "Who is Jesus?" You will answer this question with some reference to the Gospel According to John. 

 Due: at a date we all agree upon


 See Mr. Charlton story on Global BC here.