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Assignment 1

You will write a Spiritual Autobiography.

(PLO B1) 

Seminar Sept 23/24. 

Assignment 2

The assignment sheet for Multiculturalism and Religion in Canada can be found here.

Resources you may consult:

For all topics, these sites are useful and generally objective:


Religious Tolerance

BBC's Religions webpage

Religion Facts

Whether you use PowerPoint or Prezi to make your presentation, please take the time to watch this slideshow. You will laugh and you might learn something.


 The best Prezi of the 2012-2013 year is here.

if you want to see an outstanding Prezi done by two students 2011-2012, click here.

Another great one is HERE!

 (PLO B4)


Assignment 3

Choose and investigate one cult from the list provided in class. 

Your task is to answer the question: what makes a cult different from a religion? You will use the cult you have chosen as an example.

Use the book resources we have in the library, web resources on the library webpage, and web-resources of your own choosing (carefully evaluated, of course), and the following:


 Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power  (for those who choose Scientology)

Format: your "evidence of study" will consist of a short essay (1 page max) and a full bibliography of the sources you consulted. I expect at least 3 sources.

(PLO B4) 


Halloween Diversion: the Cult of Santa Muerte

The Santa Muerte cult has risen to prominence in Mexico over the last decade. Read these resources so that you can participate in the discussion.

Candy ranking. 

Assignment 4

You will find the assignment sheet here.

Here are four of the most common arguments for the existence of God. Choose one and unpack it carefully:

Arguments for God's Existence

Want more? Catholic Philosopher Peter Kreeft summarizes twenty arguments that God exists:

Twenty Arguments for the Existence of God

On the opposite side, here is a list of 101 reasons why someone might not believe in God. Unfortunately, quantity does not always equal quality, as you will see:

101 Reasons Why We Don't Believe that God Exists 

More entertaining was Christopher Hitchens, perhaps the world's most famous atheist. His debates are worth watching:

Hitchens vs. Rabbi David Wolpe

Hitchens vs. Rev. Al Sharpton

Hitchens on Morality

Model Work: see this excellent dialogue from last year.

 UPDATE: this article from Oct 10 adds fuel to the debate: a neuroscientist claims that an afterlife exists. Read here.

(PLO B4) 


Assignment 5

 Assignment Sheet.

The following is a basic guide for writing a movie review:

 How to Write a Movie Review

To read other reviews, look here:

Rotten Tomatoes

(PLO B2-3)


Assignment 6

Assignment Sheet: The First Creation Story.

Reading: Genesis 1-3

Model work: take a look at these notes by Sam B. to see how to mark up a text.

 Nov. 15/16

(PLO B2-3; SE Goals: 1-7)

Assignment 7

Assignment Sheet: The Second Creation Story.

Nov. 15/16

(PLO B2-3; SE Goals: 1-7)


Assignment 9

Assignment Sheet: Covenant

Catholic Dictionary

Covenants, Pillars, Theologies in Ancient Judaism

Understanding Covenant

See the following sites for information on the pechakucha format:

PechaKucha 20x20

Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides

IMPORTANT: these INSTRUCTIONS show you how to do a Pechakucha in Google Drive Presentation. 

(PLO B2-3; SE Goals: 1-7)


Final Bridge Assignment to Unit 2